Into the City Moving Guide

We’ve been there. Finding a place to live and the big move is stressful. So we’ve made a little guide with advice to help you with your move — whether it’s into the city (NYC) or any other move!

  • Using a broker can be helpful if you are not from New York and don’t know the neighborhoods. Try to find one that you like to interact with and who understands your budget and what you are looking for in an apartment. If you just stick with one broker who doesn’t understand your needs, you could end up with a place you don’t like or spending a lot of extra time looking at areas and homes that you hate. I found that working with a few different people from a few different companies was really helpful and efficient! – Kathi
  • If you aren’t living in the city you can and should schedule a week (ideally a month before you hope to move in) where you visit and look at potential apartments and their neighborhoods. – Claire
  • When visiting potential apartments, plan about 4-5 visits on one day to see a variety of areas. Decide on your top choices and allow for up to an hour at each place with travel time between. Try to schedule them so you have the least amount of travel or backtracking. is a good travel planning tool. – Aly
  • Download the “NYC Subway Map” app. This is SUPER helpful because you usually don’t get Internet service in the subways. But this app shows just a photo of the subway map so you can follow along when you are on a train like the G or the R that don’t have the automatic announcements that tell you what station you are at and you have no idea where you are going. – Kathi
  • Plug in potential apartment addresses to to see the “walkability” of the area. The site gives a score to the location and shows you all the places that are in walking distance. – Aly
  • When looking for a place to live, see if you can look at the apartment during the day and then go back to the neighborhood at night. Spend some time walking around to see if you feel safe or time how long it takes to get to and from the subway. – Kathi
  • Take pictures of the apartment before you unpack and decorate – especially when there are scratches and other damages you didn’t cause! This will come in handy when it’s time to ask for that security deposit back! – Karen
  • Pack a bag with everything you’ll need for the next few days so you don’t have to worry about unpacking the first night. – Karen
  • When dealing with multiple flights of stairs: have the quicker person at the bottom go to the truck, climb half the stairs and hand off whatever they took from the truck to someone else. Then that person takes it the rest of the way to the apartment. I cannot stress how much easier this makes moving. My dad and I saw my professional movers do this and stole this genius idea. – Karen
  • There are plenty of good places to buy stuff for the home, clothes, food, etc.: Ikea in Brooklyn, TJ Maxx on W 57th St and W 18th St, Bed Bath and Beyond on W 66th St and W 18th St, The Container Store near Bloomingdale’s and W 18th St. and for food: Trader Joe’s in Union Square and W 72nd Street. And as far as I know, there is no sales tax under $100. Happy Shopping! – Supriya
  • If you are a student, carry your ID around with you at all times and ask stores and employees if they give student discounts. Some companies don’t announce that they have discounts, but many actually do and all you have to is ask (like LOFT and Ikea)! – Kathi
  • Make friends with your Super or landlord, it will come in handy in the future! – Kathi
  • Make sure you and each of your roommates have your super’s number saved – Claire

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