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Welcome! Benvenuto! Willkommen! Bienvenue! 

As first time New Yorkers in our twenties, we are excited to document our time in the city, reflect on everything we’re seeing, new places we’re visiting and new people we’re meeting! Into the City is a space for dialog about living in and visiting NYC–about things that seemingly only happen here. We are thrilled to have individuals from all over the country and the world sharing posts that are as diverse and unique as the contributors themselves. Read more about us below.


IMG_3233A small town Connecticut native, I grew up as an only child with a love for the arts. I was an avid reader, took dance lessons, played the oboe; I briefly tried my hand at acting, then realized I would rather play the music of a show or watch from the audience. In undergrad, I double majored in English and Writing & Rhetoric in Rhode Island, combining my passions with a music performance minor. In addition to working on my own writing, I love working with other writers as a tutor and editor. At the end of my junior year, after internships and jobs with a local newspaper, magazine and independent poetry press, I knew that the next step for me was to work in publishing. So I moved New York City for grad school at NYU and to pursue a career in the book publishing industry. I’m a vegetarian, theater-lover, and I have an ongoing love-hate relationship with the subway.


IMG_2681_2Born on the west bank of the Mississippi River in New Orleans. I’ve lived in Lafayette, Louisiana for the first 20 years of my life in my parents’ home. I realized how good freedom tasted when I spent a summer in Albany, NY for an internship with SUNY Press. I was an English Literature major in undergrad at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I fought for the opportunity to work for free at a local publishing company where I fell in love with the process of creating books from someone’s ideas and words. Moving to the city to pursue a career in publishing was the only logical next step after graduation. I am currently working in the industry and pursuing a Master’s in Publishing: Digital and Print Media at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. I live in Brooklyn with my sister and whoever fills our third room at any given time.


karen's picI came into the city from eastern PA from a slightly smaller city called Allentown. (Yes, the very same as in Billy Joel’s song.)  I’ve wanted to live in NYC ever since I was eight years old and saw the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. Now that I do, I spend way too much money on food, drinks, and of course my real Kryptonite – Broadway tickets. I plan to graduate from NYU’s M.S. in Publishing program in May 2014 where I will be looking for employment in the editorial field.  In addition to digging myself into even more student debt, I enjoy singing to myself and anyone who happens to be around, dancing around in my apartment while I try to clean, late night movies, and of course wasting hours on the Internet (mostly on Facebook stalking former classmates and Pinning recipes and crafts I’ll never make).


377378_10150977269525632_2144365400_n (1)I was born and raised in Maplewood, Minnesota to a family of Germans. When I’m not busy confusing professors, co-workers and strangers alike with the pronunciation of my very name, I can be seen reading on the F train, making new boards on Pinterest, obsessing over tween stars, or pretending to be Liz Lemon in public. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in journalism, German, and European Studies. I am currently getting a M.S. in Publishing at NYU and I live in Brooklyn.



An Oklahoma native, I migrated to the East Coast for college and somehow ended up in New York for graduate school. What you need to know: Lover of books, travel and entertainment. Addicted to coffee and Korean telenovelas. Pac-Man, OKC Thunder and Root Beer are my kryptonite.




A Bridgeport, CT native now transplanted in East Harlem. I have a fondness for certain grandmotherly and/or hipster tendencies such as knitting, making jam and talking about the good old days. An outlandish personality mixed with a mass of uncontrollable blonde curls make me hard to miss. I’m currently working in the publishing industry while working on my masters in publishing at NYU.



24557_379282507012_5252281_nI must have watched You’ve Got Mail at least fifty times, and wanted to be Kathleen Kelly with the adorable apartment, the book store and, well, at least an uncomplicated part of the complicated love story. Little did I know that it would happen and I feel very blessed and pretty content with my lot. My journey has been a long one, from my little part of the world in India via glorious London to the Big Apple. I’m totally and utterly obsessed with images, sometimes creating them, Pinterest is the apt channel for this obsession. I cannot live without coffee, chocolate and wine, have an unhealthy love for candles and strawberry flavoured things. I mostly dance to my own tune, not as much as Luna but you see where this is going. I hope to someday work for a publishing house, before they are all for one and one for all, maybe, across the pond.