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You can find anything you want or need in this city.  24 Hour biscuit joint? We got it. A dancing troupe of women all of the same height? We got it.  The tallest building in the United States? We got it.

Even though we have everything here, sometimes I want something so bad which I know is readily available but just won’t be the same.

I’m talking about chicken wings.*

Chicken Wings from Duff's

Chicken Wings from Duff’s

See, I went to college in Niagara Falls, just next to Buffalo.  I thought I didn’t like chicken wings before but by the first week, I was a convert.  We’d always go to Duff’s, which in my opinion has the best wings in the entire solar system, and gorge ourselves on spicy wings, french fries, Labatt Blue, and chunky blue cheese sauce.  

Once I moved away from the Buffalo region, I stopped eating chicken wings.  Not because I didn’t like them anymore but because back home, they just didn’t compare.  I’d go to Buffalo Wild Wings, and their sad, soggy offerings just broke my crispy, salty, buttery, spicy chicken wing loving heart.  I haven’t even attempted to look for them in the city because I knew it would just be the same.

Yesterday, Gothamist reminded me that it was 50th birthday of the chicken wing and my chicken wing craving, ever dormant like an old volcano, suddenly raged back to life.  They offered 7 locations for truly great wings.  I now must go to each location to determine their worth.  This will be my life’s great pilgrimage.

I will keep you all up to date about my chicken wing eating adventures!  Where do you like to get your wings in the city?

*In Buffalo and the surrounding region, they’re called chicken wings, not Buffalo wings.  Order Buffalo wings and we’ll know you’re an outsider who probably doesn’t understand lake effect snow, the Buffalo Bills or the Sabres.