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In case some of you don’t know, food is what I live for.  I consider uncleaned plates to be a crime against humanity.  I know my way around the cheap eats of this city: Mamoun’s, Gray’s Papaya, halal carts.  But every now and then, I want to splurge and usually this urge coincides with Restaurant Week.  

Restaurant Week is pretty deceptive because it actually occurs over multiple weeks and there’s two of them per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Over 300 restaurants participate throughout the city and offer a 3-course prefix lunch for $25 or dinner for $38.  Now, while you may be saying, “$25 for lunch?! That’ outrageous,” when that lunch is at a Tom Colicchio restaurant that you could never afford or get a reservation at, $25 doesn’t seem that much to be spending.

Last Restaurant Week, I went to Morimoto for lunch.  Their special consisted of an appetizer, bento box, and dessert.  I had their braised black cod bento box and it was the best fish I’ve ever eaten.  I was expecting some good fish from this place since their namesake chef is one of the most renown sushi chefs in the world, but I would have licked my bento box clean if it was acceptable, it was that good.

This year I have my eye on checking out Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro.  However, if the list is too daunting and you just can’t decide, Time Out New York has saved the day with a cultivated a list of the top places to check out during Restaurant Week.  Now, stop reading and make a reservation before they’re all gone!