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Welcome to Manhattan

I recently went to L.A. for the first time. My expectations for the city, in hindsight, were unrealistic and L.A. proved to be very different than my Hollywood fantasy. It was similar to the reality check I went through moving to New York. There was an opportunity for me to potentially move to L.A. and I had to ask myself: Am I a New York girl or a Cali gurl? .

NYC                                                         L.A.



My Winner: New York.
Even though it can get so cold I have to wear socks on my hands as well as gloves and in the summer it is hotter than hell, my allergies go crazy in L.A. I think I’d also miss ice skating and hot chocolate.



My Winner: New York.
I know, CRAZY. However, the traffic in L.A. is ridiculous. You have to travel in the HOV lane to get anywhere within an hour. Everything is so spread out that it takes at least an hour to get anywhere. And I haven’t driven on the highway in 6 years….so the probability that I would get into a car accident is high. Avoid the 405.


Coney Island at Night            

Coney Island                       Santa Monica Pier

My Winner: L.A.’s Santa Monica Pier.
I’m sorry Coney Island. I still love you. But Santa Monica Pier is amazing. There was a guy surfing in January!



My Winner: New York.
I had amazing food in L.A. There is Pink’s hot dogs, Millions of Milkshakes, In-N-Out Burger and Del Taco. The reason I pick NYC is due to seamless.com. Because I can get ANYTHING delivered to my apartment.

So it looks like I’m a New Yorker.

What are you???