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Have you heard about the snow? No? I’m shocked. BECAUSE IT’S RUINING MY LIFE.

Ok, that may be an overstatement, but seriously, I can’t handle it.

My first winter here when I thought snow was beautiful.

My first winter here when I thought snow was beautiful.

1. I have been coughing and sneezing for the past month. I should go see a doctor, you say?? No. The snow needs to stop so I can enjoy some fresh air and heal.

2. In the pictures my friends from home post they are all wearing shorts. SHORTS. While every single day I have to put on my coat suited for -15 degrees. Except for that one day it was 50 degrees. What a tease.

3. I vaguely remember how the sun feels. Ahh warmth…

4. I have officially run out of socks. Not even in my working out heyday did I go through this many pairs of socks. I’m getting extremely creative at this point–not just mixing patterns but also ankle lengths. I haven’t seen my feet in months.

5. Hoping for a snow day (no work or school, jackpot being both) is like wishing for the mail/UPS man to bring a package at a time when I am actually home. In the beginning, I was bright and full of hope. Now I know this will never happen.

Snow, this isn’t a goodbye forever… Just give me a little space. A little time to miss you.

I’m sure you have some great reasons that you’re sick of the snow. Share them in the comments.