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One of my things I notice most around this city is the art.  I don’t mean the street art, the statues in the park or the countless museums around Manhattan alone.  I mean the art you typically find scribbled on the walls of the women’s bathrooms in bars.

I’m being totally serious, there is some amazing bathroom art around this metropolis.  Just last week, I was out in Brooklyn and saw this gem.


Dun dun, dun dun, dundundundundun

How whimsical!  Then there are bars that intentionally deck out their stalls, like the one found at The Way Station, which for any Whovians out there has a TARDIS for a bathroom.  For those non-whovians out there, here’s a brief background for you. But isn’t this a gem?




The Doctor and a Weeping Angel



The last time I was here, I almost didn’t want to leave.  Isn’t the whole point of a bar bathroom is to get in and get out as quickly as possible?