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The concept of brunch outside of NYC is not too exciting, basically just a late breakfast. But in the city, brunch is a wonderful thing that often involves alcohol–sometimes in unlimited quantities.

I’ve recently been to brunch at Sarabeth’s (brunch menu here) and Alice’s Tea Cup (brunch menu here) and highly recommend both for the atmosphere and quality of the food. Sarabeth’s is a bit on the fancier end, Alice’s is more quaint. Both have delicious food.

At Sarabeth’s, I had the lemon and ricotta pancakes with fresh blackberries with a glass of champagne lemonade:

Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes

At Alice’s I had the smoked salmon and scones. I unfortunately was not patient enough to take a picture of this before diving in and eating the whole thing. Don’t judge me.

As you can probably guess by the name, Alice’s has an Alice in Wonderland theme and is also a tea house that offers over 100 different kinds of tea. This time we had the silver needle jasmine white tea.