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If you don’t get the Broadway reference of this post then click here and meet the most annoying (fictional) ginger child.

The first time I went to the movies by myself was in college. No one wanted to venture in the snow to walk to the theater about 2 miles away. When I complained to another friend that my nearby friends were lame she suggested going solo. I was skeptical but something about being in the empty theater was extremely peaceful. It’s kind of like the first time you go out and eat by yourself at a nice restaurant and don’t read but just relax…except at the movies there is a very good chance George Clooney produced/acted in your meal.

When I moved into the city I figured my days of having the theater to myself were over. In a city with millions of people, I prepared myself to never go to a theater that wasn’t crazy packed. Wrong.

That’s the great thing about having so many theaters in Manhattan alone – lots and lots of choices. The trick is to see a movie a few weeks after it’s already been out; go during an off-peak time (matinee for a non-family movie, evening on Sunday, super late showings during the week); and of course, stay away from the AMC and Regal in Times Square.

Granted, you won’t always have the theater to yourself, but I consider it a victory when I have a whole row to myself.

And no babies (but that’s another post another time…).

**If you love going to the movies as much as I do, check out MoviePass. You pay $29.99/month and get unlimited movies – limited to seeing 1 movie every 24 hours. Just download the app, check in at the theater, and use the card MoviePass sends you. It’s accepted at all movie theaters in the city and at $14 for the average rate of an adult movie ticket, if you see at least three movies a month it’s totally worth it!**