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There is this one AWESOME place I stumbled upon a couple weeks ago that you need to know about. RIGHT NOW.

It’s called the Writing Room. It looks like a bar. It’s actually a nice restaurant with a bar.

The food is not cheap–grad students, save up. However, it is delicious and my experience there was only enhanced when I did a little digging into the history of the place. The walls are decorated with photographs of typewriters and a storefront of a place called Elaine’s. A quick Google search landed me on Elaine’s Wikipedia page. The restaurant was frequented by writers, actors, and other famous New Yorkers. (I was most impressed that Woody Allen was a loyal patron.)

Elaine’s closed in 2011 after the owner passed away but the Writing Room is now a nod to the history of its location. By the way, the fried chicken was delicious, but you CANNOT pass by it without trying the cheesecake cobbler. I’m still having dreams about it.