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Guys, I’ve met someone.  It actually happened.  In a city where it seems impossible to met anyone much less someone of such soul mate status, I can’t believe it actually happened to me.

His name is Netflix.

Really, you actually thought I found someone?  What a laugh.  Yes, my dear, strange internet friends, I may not have a man in my life but Netflix is always there for me.  It’s there when I need a laugh, or a good cry, or want to be political and save all the killer whales (has anyone seen Blackfish? If not, watch it now!). In these chilly winter nights, nothing is better than cuddling up in bed and netflixing my life away.

I know I’m not the only one who succumbs to Netflix’s seductive nature.  There are plenty of people who have fallen for it.  If staying in all weekend, ordering way too much Chinese food, and watching Netflix until I pass out in the wee hours of the morning is wrong, then I definitely do not want to be right.