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There’s no doubt that it’s been a cold 2014 so far. Thanks, lovely polar vortex, when oh yeah – it was so cold schools were closed. At least those of us in the city were able to cozy up by our fireplaces and hibernate comfortably. If you believed that sentence then the recently re-elected Mayor of NYC has decided to erect a statue to your stunning gullibility. The truth is, in a city full of old buildings and landlords controlling the heat, very often your thermostat is nothing more than a hunk of plastic. If you’re lucky enough to have control over your radiator, then you have the option to choose between the temperature outside or 95 degrees. No middle ground available. Here are some tips to survive in a bi-polar weather apartment.

  1. Don’t pack away the spring and summer clothing. I know closet space can be tight, but you’re going to want to lounge in your shorts and tank tops when you’re in the apartment. (This is assuming you have roommates. If you live alone, rock the summer underwear wardrobe.) Don’t be afraid to mix wardrobes and walk around wearing a tank top, some capris, and a scarf and winter hat. Finding the right outfit with its appropriate warmth is tricky – think outside the box.
  2. Keep both a fan and space heater in the apartment. Yes, your electricity bill may be higher than you’d like but you’ll also be able to control the temperature surrounding you as you snuggle into bed. Who wants to sleep in sweat-moistened sheets or be freezing in bed?
  3. Stock up on the hot chocolate and summer beverage of your choice. Some nights you’re going to want to drink an entire crockpot full of hot chocolate and other nights you’ll be craving some lemonade with half the glass full of ice cubes. No one’s judging. Have them both on hand – you’ll pat yourself on the back later.
  4. Accept the fact that you’re going to have to be uncomfortable for a few minutes while you’re dressing for work where the temperature is (hopefully) a moderate climate. You’re going to be cold outside so just wear the coat inside for the few minutes you’re searching for your keys…or better yet, don’t lose your keys every day like me.
  5. Your shower is your best friend. Get up a bit earlier so you can really enjoy that nice cold/hot shower in the morning. A few extra minutes of controlled water temperature can really make a difference.

PS- This was written at approximately 2:30 am so there goes that New Year’s resolution of writing blog entries early…