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A few summers ago, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to and go to Book Expo America in NYC. This event dedicates a whole week to publishers, publishing companies, authors, and readers, but Saturday, Power Reader Day, is the best day. Us normal folks who don’t work for a publisher are allowed in to essentially run around and collect free books and merchandise. It was at this lovely event that I picked up a book by Alexandra Bracken, The Darkest Minds. I took it with me and didn’t get around to reading it until almost a year later.

Then I fell in love. With the book, the writing style, the story, the characters, but mostly, Alexandra Bracken herself.

She is only a year older than me, and she has already published several books, with several more on the way I might add, and works for a publishing company. She is awesome. She is cool. She is smart. And she is an amazing writer. And I basically want to be her.

So I jumped at the chance to go to her book signing at Books of Wonder and to purchase her new book that was going to come out that same day.

I arrived late and stood in the back, but I had a great view of Alex (there were a number of other super cool authors with extremely interesting books, but I only had eyes for her).

After the talk, everyone lined up to get their books signed. I walked up to her and told her how much I loved her book and how I was immensely excited to read the second in the series (the one I had just purchased, from a bookstore, at full price, and it wasn’t even a paperback–something my grad school funds really don’t allow). After I was done gushing, I sat down and opened my book and took pictures of my personalized note, and then got up the nerve to go back and ask for a picture. She obliged and I was basically the happiest person on earth.


With love!

Alexandra during the event