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Can you believe it’s 2014? Neither can we. We thought we’d share our resolutions with you though! Share yours with us!

Aside from writing my blog posts earlier than 8 hours before they go live…I really want to get better at packing lunch and dinner for my day. I’m going to limit myself to purchasing only one meal a day. – Karen

I’m going to get better at pretending to be an adult in as many aspects of my life as possible. Maybe a few of the habits will stick and I’ll be half an adult. – Claire

My resolution is to work less and have more fun… probably will not happen… but it is a new year’s resolution after all! – Kathi

This is the year I am going to learn to cook. No more excessive seamless.com ordering or buying vegetables with good intentions only to forget about them in the fridge until I can’t tell what they are anymore. – Tabby

In 2014 I vow to have more dance parties, eat more French fries and be more kickass than ever. – Michelle

I’m going to focus on my health, stop being an old lady and get fit, and learn Italian. – Supriya

My project for 2014 is to master the art of wearing very high heels. – Aly