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When moving to a new city, one can get lonely. Despite the fact that I go to NYU where there are tons of students and people for me to make friends with–making friends is just plain hard. Grad students have lives and work and some have families and children; meaning making connections was going to be much harder than it was while going to school in Wisconsin.

So, I made the very logical decision that any other lonely 24-year-old recent transplant would make, I was going to get a cat.

It couldn’t be any cat. It had to be a sad and starving cat from a shelter that I could make fat with treats and love. I wanted a small, short haired male that liked to cuddle and would sleep on me while I was studying…. yes, I had very high hopes for my specific dream cat.

I waited a long time because I wanted to make sure I had money saved up, and I researched tons of shelters and human societies and looked at many cats to see which one would fit in with my personality, my home and of course, my aforementioned criteria.

So one day, I stumbled along Sean Casey Animal Rescue, which had a location about 15 minutes from my apartment. I went to ask questions and find out as much info as I could from them about their adoptions. While actually accomplishing what I had set out to do, I also snuck a  peek at the kittens in the back…. which immediately led to me touching and holding them. I took a ton of pictures and literally dragged my roommate and my sister to the shelter immediately after purchasing a litter box and toys and getting a few people to promise to be my references after the shelter called them.

I went back to the shelter thinking I knew which one I wanted, a super cute grey and white short haired male, but after picking each one up and petting them and holding them, I fell in love with a long haired three-month-old purring machine. He was cuddly and happy and wanted to be held and loved, and I knew I had to take hime home.

We rushed him home so he wouldn’t get cold, bathed him and loved on him all evening :) He is now a giant monster of a cat that may be part Maine Coon, but he is super chatty, loves to cuddle, and sits like a human. He also came with added benefits of killing all the bugs and mice and cockroaches that wander into my home. Having him in my life (as cheesy as it sounds) has changed my NYC experience and has made me a much happier person. To prove it, here are some pictures of his beautiful and goofy self, they will make you happy too!

Matthew the cat, named after Dan Stevens as Matthew on Downton Abbey!

His normal sitting position

At the shelter!

Being a goof