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Last weekend, I went home for Thanksgiving. Yes it was lovely to see my family, friends, and most especially my dog Rosie, but my favorite thing about going home was going to the bar. See Connecticut bars close at 1 am during the week and 2 am on the weekends. I did the obligatory Thanksgivingeve night out at the bar with old friends and you don’t even understand how jarring it was to hear the last call bell ringing at 12:30. As a point of reference, I’ve never heard a last call bell in the city. Even when I’ve been at the bar until 4 am, I’ve never even witnessed anything that would signal last call. I didn’t realize how exhausting New York’s late night bar hours were until I was warm in my bed at home watching reruns of 30 Rock by 1 am. It was such a relaxing change of pace that I now understand why rich New Yorkers buy homes in Connecticut. It’s probably to take advantage of our beautiful coastline and scenery but I think they must factor in the closing time of bars when making their decision. Even though I love my wild, late nights here in the city, I don’t think I forsake the early-night Connecticut attitude any time soon.