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When I moved to the city I was determined to actually go out and DO things and not just sit at home watching Netflix. (OK. …and not just sit at home watching Netflix every night. A girl’s gotta have her SVU, HIMYM, and Disney Channel Original movies streaming, amiright?) So I signed up for Amazon Local, Groupon, and LivingSocial deals to alert me to fun things in the area. Well, I’m bombarded daily with emails and usually most of them get deleted but about once a week I see something interesting and flag it for later perusing. However, when I got an email advertising discounted tickets for Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate, I forwarded it to my fellow grad school friend and bought tickets later that day. Missing this was not an option.

Unsurprisingly we were two of the few females attending who were a. under the age of 30, b. without a husband/fiancé/boyfriend c. without kids. And it was awesome. It reminded me that you don’t need a guy to have an awesome date – friend dates are totally underrated. We scored some excellent Mickey ears hats (see below), cotton candy, cheese fries, and prepared ourselves for an amazing night.

We went on a Thursday night and it was fairly empty – as far as the Barclays Center goes. More people came in about ten minutes into the show, but we were lucky enough to not have too many obnoxious families around us. More importantly, no one thought we were creepy to be sitting by ourselves at a very family-targeted show.

The show, Let’s Celebrate, was a compilation of various holidays Mickey and the gang were celebrating with the audience. We celebrated the major ones such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas but some fun ones like an Unbirthday Party and summer vacation were also thrown into the mix. The show was full of touching moments (Minnie and Mickey travel the world to find each other *swoon*) with great figure skating from the cast members. But the best moment of the entire show came when Minnie learned a few of the princesses and princes’ happily ever after stories. The Fairy Godmother told Minnie (and all the little girls in the arena) that Mulan had to first find herself before settling down with any man.  Needless to say, two girls in that arena were incredibly touched by Disney’s message and had tears in their eyes. These two girls may also have been in grad school and been eating cotton candy and cheese fries while wearing Mickey ears hats.

Don’t ever change, Disney.

Let’s Celebrate has moved onto another city, but Disney on Ice will be back in January with one of its longest running shows – 100 Years of Magic.
See you there!

Clearly we have no shame because we continued to wear the hats all night, so what's the harm in a little Mickey selfie?

Clearly we have no shame because we continued to wear the hats all night, so what’s the harm in a little Mickey selfie?