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I love going to the movies, it’s one of my favorite things to do.  The dark theater, the surround sound, the salty, buttery popcorn – everything about seeing a movie in theaters is enjoyable to me.  This past Sunday I went to see About Time starring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson and my god, was it good.


Now I just said I love going to the movies, but since I started living here, I never ever go.  It’s mainly because it’s ridiculously expensive.   Movie prices have been rising in general over the past few years, mainly because the new projectors for digital and 3D cost a heck of a lot more which forces the theater to raises prices (yes I used to work at a movie theater and know lots of insider information), but in New York it’s even more so.  At home, it would cost about $8 or $9 for a matinee and about $12 to $18 for an evening show – which I thought was quite pricey.  In New York however, the prices here are astronomical.  Point in case, my matinee ticket on Sunday cost $14.50!  Really, New York?!  I can buy a cocktail from a fancy, classy bar for less money than a matinee movie.

The movie was well worth it though.  I thought it would end up like The Notebook or The Time Traveler’s Wife – an epic love story with a tragic yet touching end.  But it was so much more than that.  Domhnall Gleeson, who plays Tim, was funny and charming and the chemistry between him and Rachel McAdam’s character, Mary, was real and not over-the-top.  Based on the trailer, I thought the main focus of the movie would be their relationship but really it was more about the entire family’s relationship and their love for one another.  It was truly a beautiful movie that hit all the checkboxes for me – funny, romantic, touching, sad, uplifting, great soundtrack.

I want to go see it again but might wait until I’m visiting home and can use those cheap suburb prices!