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As it is fall, the pumpkin has come out in full force. I am no exception to the lover of pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin ciders, pumpkin beer, and the pumpkin flavored cakes and cookies, I am a HUGE fan in fact. That is why, I would like to share with you the BEST pumpkin flavored thing that my mouth has ever come in contact with: The Pumpkin Martini at Fraunces Tavern.

My parents came to visit–hence they were buying, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone all out with the martini because it was FOURTEEN DOLLARS, but now that I know the amazingness that is this drink, I would gladly splurge. 

I wasn’t really a huge fan of the food (mine or anyone else’s) but I had three of these drinks, and yes, I was a little buzzed around my parents, and there is no shame because my God: BEST. PUMPKIN. DRINK. EVER.

Pumpkin Martini: tastes like heaven and happiness