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Halloween in New York is a crazy time.  It lasts for days.  Especially since this year the holiday falls on a weekday, people have been celebrating since the weekend before, and probably will this coming weekend as well.  How many chances does a New Yorker get to dress ridiculously…well we could do that any day really, you see people dressed up ridiculous all the time, but it’s amplified in the week surrounding this spooky October night.

I think Halloween is the most stressful holiday.  First, you have to figure out a costume, which for me usually means something quirky and homemade.  Over the past few years I’ve been Pikachu, Ke$ha, and Sookie Stackhouse.  Last year, Halloween was immediately after Super Storm Sandy and I didn’t expect to go out, but when last minute plans popped up I quickly threw together a sassy cowgirl costume using my cutoff shorts, plaid button-up and cowboy boots I already owned.  We partied at Hotel Chantelle and it was amazing.

halloween 2012

When finding your favorite fictional character from Game of Thrones, you must take a photo with them on Halloween.

This year, with few plans on the Halloween horizon, I decided to be a hipster Disney princess – Rapunzel to be exact.  Essentially, I’m going to wear my usual Urban Outfitters wardrobe, throw on some ridiculously large glasses, carry around a frying pan, and scoff at the world.


 It’s easy and comfortable – how many costumes do you know where you can wear an oversized men’s cardigan and combat boots?  Plus if I don’t end up going out, I didn’t end up spending $75 on a slutty pirate outfit that will never see the light of day again.

But once you have the costume figured out, you have to decide on location.  House party? Bar? Bar hopping? Will these bars even be celebrating Halloween?  Will you be roaming the city looking like a fool in a Playboy bunny costume all night because you decided to celebrate Halloween on Friday when the rest of the city obviously decided to celebrate on Saturday?  Maybe I just overanalyze the situation but these are the panicked thoughts that run through my head the entire month.

There are some great Halloween traditions in the city.  The most famous is the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.  Known to be a saucy affair, it’s celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and its mighty return after it was cancelled due to Sandy last year.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it down to the Village tonight to see some of the amazing costumes that are bound to be on display.

What are you doing on this All Hallow’s Eve?  Tweet @IntoTheCityNYC with all of your Halloween tips, tricks and treats!