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Having been an avid American Idol watcher since day 1, I fell in love with Casey Abrams in Season 10 and voted for him over and over again. He surprised me every week with his jazzy blues voice and crazy hair. I loved his musical talent and thought for sure he would win because he was so talented. I laughed when he kissed JLo and smiled at the songs he picked, and alas, booed when he was kicked off (the winner was Scotty McCreery, basically because only 14-year-old girls were the sole voters). Now, almost three years later, he decides to go on tour to promote his CD, so I jumped all over that bandwagon and bought myself tickets!

Casey’s handmade concert poster

He played at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill–which is one of the coolest venues I have been to. You sit at a table and order a meal (and a drink of course, I ordered a Georgia on My Mind, since that was one of the songs Casey sang on American Idol–nerd alert, I know) and sit during the concert, too. It was such a fun idea to sit and relax and have a drink rather than stand and get all grumpy because the person behind you keeps pushing all up on you or your feet hurt because you wore the cute heels instead of the comfy flats.

The bar and tables

Georgia on my Mind

He only has the one CD so he only sang for about an hour and a half, but that hour and a half was amazing! He sang all of my favorite songs, a few from American Idol, and one to commemorate B.B. King of course. After the concert, he stood right by the door and personally greeted anyone who wanted to talk to him. And I don’t mean just a “thanks for coming” he actually had a conversation with you–hands down one of the best things a musician could do with his fans. It made you feel important and that he was so grateful for your support, all artists should do this! I got a hug, a photo and an autograph and I couldn’t be happier :)

Watch a video I took of Casey singing “Get Out”