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My Right Palm It's not very photogenic

My Right Palm
It’s not very photogenic

It’s Halloween time which means the spirits are out and about and psychic forces are at their height. The perfect time to go get your palm read. After dinner, my friend Matt and I ventured up two flights of creepy stairs to find out our futures. Here is what I learned:

1.       I have psychic ability

That’s the first thing she said to me. Yes, I have the privilege of telling people, “I know. A psychic told me I have psychic ability.” She also told me not to become a professional psychic, probably because she’s afraid of competition. What my abilities entail are amazing intuition about people’s characters and I dream things before they happen.

2.       I am going to live to be over 90

I will become a health nut when I am older. I’ll be a vegetarian and do yoga. I’ll be healthier when I’m older than I am now. Does this mean the psychic was telling me I’m fat right now?

3.       I’m going to be successful in business

I am going to end up staying in New York. For better or worse, I’m now a city girl.

4.       I’m going to get married

She says my marriage line is solid, so no divorce.  But it’s not going to be for a long time. I’m going to date the dude for 6 years before I marry him. So don’t hold your breath for an invitation anytime soon.

5.       I’ve got a good soul and will do many charitable works

I thought she said that to everyone until I talked with Matt. He said “She didn’t say that to me!” She also told him he has the most boring marriage line she’s ever seen…

There were a lot more details but those are the highlights. It was a fun adventure but I can’t say I’m a total believer. I’ll keep y’all updated if any of the predictions come true!