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The streets of New York are runways where everyone is invited. Everyone is a model wearing clothes that people can relate to, and find a style that reflects their own and the tickets are free. Style inspiration abounds and certain trends are omnipresent.

There are some very popular choices for handbags in terms of labels: Louis Vuitton with its unmistakable monogrammed brown leather and all varieties of Michael Kors bags. The one bag that has won the hearts of millions of women, that I’ve seen in almost all variations, may it be color, size or design, is the Longchamp Le Pliage.

You’ve probably seen it too, innumerable times, and that’s what inspired this post. I just had to write about it; how so many women love one bag. I see at least one a day if not more! Well, as a proud owner of three (yes, I do own three and if I had it my way, would probably have one in every color and the limited editions, too) I do see and know the allure.


First thing, it comes in so many colors and sizes, and can be customized. So you can have three in the same color in different sizes like a luggage set, or mix and match. The slightly more expensive all-black or tan are really lovely, too. The limited editions have some little interesting design or illustration, like the one with the Eiffel Tower on it.

The best thing about the bag (I know, it gets even better!) is that it is so light–practically weightless. You can shove all your stuff inside and not worry about a sprained shoulder. It’s chic and sturdy, pretty and useful, what more does one want in a bag? Oh wait, it’s also foldable! And, and it is a fav of fashion icon the Duchess of Cambridge! The other “popular” choice is of course the Birkin, but, well, not among us, the masses. A bit expensive, you see. So if there were a statistic about what New York women love, Le Pliage would be in the top ten.