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Of all the adventures I’ve had in the city, I never have as much fun as when I feel 100% Louisianan in New York City.

The only way I know to do that is to surround myself with other people from Louisiana.

The beauty of New York is for every passion you have, there are others that share that same interest, especially when it comes to sports teams. My sister and I are true southern women in that we can’t get enough of college football. We love to go to Legends on 33rd on Saturdays to watch the LSU game. It is one of many bars that dedicates itself to a college and/or professional team (d.b.a. in Williamsburg for the Saints), opening its doors to all fans.


The bar is full of huge tvs. I’m not sure you can sit anywhere without a good view.


I keep inviting friends to come to the game, but I’m afraid they’ll be a little frightened and really confused by all the hand signals and shouting.