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The only reasons I miss my car are for my occasional desire to escape the city for long and windy roads and because I could pack it like an over-sized purse.

Now that I can no longer carry all possible wardrobe changes with me, I’ve had to become more selective in what I pack for my day-to-day needs. So here is my survival kit.

This is me trying to be a minimalist.

My new purse is in the back with my Sephora eyeliner, mascara, two types of coverup (for emergencies, of course), and my perfectly-sized wallet. And if I am surviving anything–like a night of studying too late (the only reason I stay up past midnight, right?)–I must have a 5-hour energy and a Snickers on hand.

I also buy these “eyelid wipes” that work amazingly well for removing any eye makeup from mishaps or long days.

And what publishing student would ever be found without a pen?

The colorful donkeys are my personal metro card. I am amazed I’ve held onto it for several months but it’s so festive that I’ve tried my hardest to reuse and, more importantly, not lose it.

I try to always have at least one stick of gum, one band-aid, and a pair of headphones with me. My phone would also be IN the picture if I wasn’t using it to TAKE the picture.

Last but not least is my lip balm which could probably tell you a thousand tales. But the most interesting one is that my friends and I each got one during the last couple of hours we spent in Times Square on New Year’s Eve last year. I’m always waiting for someone to recognize it and say “Oh I have one too!” But, who was out there besides tourists?

I also have to make room for my keys which are always attached to my mace (I have not yet had reason to use this in the year that I have lived here, though).