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Last month my friend Victoria came to visit me in the city. When I learned that she had never seen a show on Broadway, I was excited to give her an opportunity to go see her first Broadway show, as well as to see a show that I hadn’t seen yet. I narrowed down the choices based on shows that were still on my “to do” list, and we decided on “Newsies.”

Since moving here a little over a year ago, “Newsies” was the seventh Broadway show that I’ve seen (four musicals and three plays). Although it was a tough decision compared to “Once,” I’ve decided that “Newsies” was my favorite out of these seven shows–one that I would certainly see again multiple times and recommend to anyone living in or visiting NYC.

1. “Newsies” won the 2012 Tony Awards for Best Choreography and Best Score. (Check out their performance during last year’s Tony Awards.) The music, dancing, talent, and energy overall is consistently upbeat and exciting. There are splits, jumps, backflips, tap dancing, and dancing on newspapers!

2. There is a lottery for every show. Lottery tickets are $30 each and you can win up to two by going to the theatre two and a half hours before showtime to enter.

3. It has the Disney stamp of approval (enough said, for all you Disney lovers).

4. The cast is almost all male. This is the first show I’ve seen with a male-dominated cast and I think the phrase “power in numbers” works well here; there’s something very powerful about all those deep, talented voices coming together on stage.

5. It’s educational, historical, and important! The story is based on real events in the publishing history of newspapers. It’s about standing up for your rights, the rights of others, and for what you believe in in a world that knocks you down.

So if you are contemplating your first Broadway show or your next Broadway show, I highly recommend “Newsies” to you!