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NYC offers a wide variety of glasses-wearing individuals. Sometimes they err on the side of the stereotypical “geek” or “nerd.” But more often, glasses enhance someone’s likability, perceived intelligence, and attractiveness. With the right shape, thickness and color, a pair of glasses can transform an ordinary face into a face worthy of double takes.

When you find the right frames, you will start to notice that strangers are making eye contact (fyi, New Yorkers expect you to avoid eye contact at all times unless you’re in a bar). They may stare for just a second too long, or tilt their heads slightly as you pass to keep you in sight. But remember, this attention doesn’t necessarily mean they’re interested in any kind of interaction with you. No, they probably don’t want to date you. But it is possible that, like me, when they see a steller pair of frames, they just want to date your glasses.

These glasses are date-worthy but…

I’m not into the beard and I don’t date old men or anything hailing from Sesame Street. (If only we could step back in time?)

Sometimes, I’ve got nothin’. I want to date your glasses and you.

Buzzfeed seems to agree with me on the added benefits of wearing awesome glasses.

And now presenting the future wearers of fancy frames: the babes that have a few years to go before they grow into their date-worthy glasses.

“Four eyes” has never looked so good.