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My sister and I saw Blue Jasmine at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (affectionately known as BAM) about two months ago.

During the previews we were entertained by the advertisement for an opera coming to BAM in a couple months called Anna Nicole Smith The Opera. It is not that I ever found her interesting before, but such an airy character as the protagonist of an opera piqued my interest.

My sister and I exchanged simultaneously perplexed and intrigued glances and stored the thought for another time.

A month later she told me she could buy tickets for under $40/person and that she really wanted to go. I didn’t say no.

What I didn’t foresee was that while I don’t regret going, I can’t really recommend it to anyone either.

It is a true opera, yet sung in English. The cast is talented and the set vibrant. But this performance, the subject matter, was all so farcical (including the tragic elements of the plot) that I could only keep repeating “This is just so WEIRD.”

I can only suggest it to those whose curiosity is not satisfied with someone else’s review or who is drawn to tragic stories of pop culture icons.