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Reason Number 1: His Voice

Bet On It

Reason Number 2: His Eyes


Reason Number 3: His Hair


Reason Number 4: His Biceps


Reason Number 5: Of Course, His Abs


So clearly, I have proven that he is the “Ladies’ Choice.”

From this lovely list, I am sure you can tell that I am obsessed. I have loved him from the moment I laid my eyes on him in Summerland and have increased my poster and movie collection yearly. So, you can imagine my intense excitement and extreme happiness when I found out that he would be at the premier of his new movie At Any Price for the Tribeca Film Festival. So naturally, I had to be there.

My friend, Keilin, and I waited in line for what felt like forever, bought our tickets, and were blessed to see At Any Price before anyone else. After we watched the movie, the cast and director came out on stage, including the love of my life! He was only a few rows and a stage away from me!!!! After the Q&A, he was the only one who stayed to sign autographs and take photos… Of course I leaped at my chance to touch him and talk to him and smell him. I ran down the aisle and jumped over seats, but he was on the left side of the room while I was on the right side. So like the true Minnesotan I am, I waited patiently for my turn instead of budging like the rude New Yorkers in front me. Tragically, when I was just a few girls away, his publicist tapped him on the shoulder and he left. I was sad and disappointed because obviously, if he would have met me he would have fallen in love on the spot and we would have been married and had all the beautiful babies. So really, it was his loss.

While I didn’t get to meet him, I did get some lovely photos of him. And next time he comes to New York, I will pounce on him like a cat on catnip. I am proud to say that I was in the same room as him! An opportunity that I would have likely not had the chance to have elsewhere, so thank you to the Big Apple!!

Next time, Zac. Just you wait.