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Living in Brooklyn makes it a little more complicated to get to New Jersey… so I have really avoided it at all costs. However, I was nannying for an entire week in Hoboken (and was really crabby about it because it took an hour and a half to get there AND I had to work for ten hours each day AND I had to pay more money for the Path train) so I decided to check out the town after my first day.

Hoboken is the home of Carlo’s Bake Shop (also known as the famous location of TLC’s The Cake Boss). I decided to treat myself after working for ten hours to some delicious pastry of the famous type. I walked to the bakery to find that one must take a number. Fine, OK, I could do that. I quickly realized that inside the store people were waiting, and then there was a line outside (which I thought were tourists taking photos, alas, they were also waiting in line) which snaked around the whole block! So, I decided I would go home and try again. I tried Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. The same scene greeted me as I walked around the corner each evening. Finally, on Friday, I was let go about 45 min early, and voilà!! I was one of ten people and only had to wait about five minutes! And let me tell ya, folks: the wait was TOTALLY worth it.

So many delicious options, but I chose… IMG_0490

A red velvet cupcake and mini white chocolate mousse cake!