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So far every season I’ve lived in NYC I’ve made a list of things to do before that season ends. And so far every season I’ve never completed my list. In the fall, I never went to the Brooklyn Brewery or made a huge leaf pile in Central Park. During winter I never went to any of the holiday train shows. (Yes, I’m serious.) I missed the blooming flowers at the Botanical Gardens in the springtime. And now sweet summer has flown by and again I’m left with an incomplete checklist.

But just as I was about to wallow with some Double Stuf Oreos on Labor Eve, I started thinking about my first summer in NYC. Although I moved here July 5th, I still had a lot I wanted to do in the city. Sure enough that list was incomplete – but for different reasons. Summer 2012 was the season when I was still getting used to the city and when I didn’t have many friends here. As a result, I spent a lot of time in my apartment after work casually drinking beer by myself and marathonning The West Wing. Still an enjoyable time, but definitely lonely and not what I had in mind when moving to a city of 8.2 million people.

My Summer 2013 List is incomplete because I was lucky enough to have two internships, a very flexible part-time job, and friends all over the East Coast that I wanted to visit. Out of the 14 weeks in summer I was only in NYC for 6 of them – all of which were spent doing something fun with old and new friends in the city. So for once, I’m not disappointed in myself for not completing my season’s to-do list. There’s always next summer. And if how much better Summer 2013 was than Summer 2012 is any indication of how great this year is going to be, I’m in for one hell of a Fall 2013.