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The day before I left I had a panic attack.

It was time to trade Louisiana for NYC. I was leaving my precious family that I didn’t know how to live without and friends that meant the world to me. I was also leaving my comfort zone in a way I’d have to imagine is akin to skydiving. I thought I was nuts to leave a place that was perfectly comfortable and secure.

But I knew I needed this. I had never been so motivated in my life and fear of leaving my comfort zone was not going to hold me back.

Moving to NYC was my plan since my junior year of college. I discovered an industry devoted to creating books so I decided that I was going to become a sponge for all things publishing. In researching and speaking to people in the industry I quickly learned that if I wanted to become a professional in publishing, NYC was the only place to be. It is the center of the publishing universe.

And so, my trip to the city began 10 months after my sister moved to the city, 6 months after I received my acceptance letter to NYU’s Masters in Publishing program, 4 months after I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and 1 month after my sister single-handedly found a third roommate and a 3 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn within a grad student budget.

So we drove 22 hours and about 1500 miles to meet my sister in the city and unpacked the car stuffed with my childhood home belongings. My parents could have sent me off to furnish my new apartment with my own money or a check, but instead, they were wonderful and drove up with me to help move me in and make sure I was as safe as they could hope and my bedroom fully furnished. Believe me, it was a costly trip but I think it was a comfort to the three of us.

It’s taken me a year to feel like I’ve grown beyond that frightened and timid individual, but as I have tiptoed into and through the city, my adoration has increased daily. This adoration is what frames the rest of my posts.

This blog is my “Let me count the ways.”