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The summer is nothing without a trip to the beach. So last weekend, some friends and I slathered ourselves in sunscreen and hopped on the subway. Our destination: Coney Island. Coney Island After an hour on the train, we finally made our way to Nathan’s, Coney Island’s famous hot dog stand. Nathan's The verity of food was surprising but I opted for the classic chili cheese dog. There are no pictures because I ate it immediately. My vegetarian friends chose the cheese fries. Once we had stuffed our faces, we headed to the beach. I must say, it is not very clean. I would not walk in the sand without shoes. But it was still pleasant to be next to the water. Coney Island Beach As the day waned, we decided we had to ride at least one ride at the amusement park. Our choice was the Wonder Wheel. Wonder Wheel Handing over $7, we were given a choice between the traditional ferris wheel car (white) or one that slides back and forth (blue & red). Wonder Wheel Swinging Car ‘I don’t like this’ was about the only thing I said the entire ride; but once we were safely on the ground after 2 full circles, I was smiling like a little kid. Our next stop for the evening was to attend a roller derby match. We saw the Bronx Gridlock dominate the Brooklyn Bombshells. Roller Derby at Coney Island I highly recommend attending a game. The Gotham Girls Roller Derby League is amazing. Check them out at gothamgirlsrollerderby.com. Roller Derby at Coney Island After the game, it was time to head back ‘Into The City.’ Coney Island at Night Goodnight, Coney Island. Nathan's at Night on Coney Island Thank you for a wonderful day.