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There are times when I really, really hate public transportation. For the most though it’s fantastic – cheap, mostly reliable, saves the hassle of tracking down a cab. But on some days, I hate the MTA.

See, one day last week I overslept. I was supposed to be at my office at 8:45 AM but I woke up at 9:40 AM. Shit. Bad. No good. I haul ass to the subway, in muggy hot July weather no less, swipe my metro card and then it comes, the dreaded announcement saying that all 6 trains are delayed. Delayed? DELAYED. I’m already ridiculously late; they can’t be delayed, not today. But yes, delayed.

Now you’d think I’d have some options to work with. Like heading uptown to grab a downtown express 4 or 5 train. Well those sound lovely, but the MTA time locks your card* after every use so I would have to wait an extended period of time before I could use it again at the uptown station.

It’s this lack of control that drives me nuts here. At home (CT) if I was stuck in traffic I could take a back road or hop on a different highway. I was in control of how I got from point A to point B. Here, not so much. I’m at the whim of the subway gods most days and I hope my monthly offering in the form of a $112 unlimited metro card pleases them and they take pity on this unfortunate New Yorker.

*Time locking only occurs on weekly or monthly cards. If you were to buy a $20 value card, this would not occur.