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Okay so I had to write this post instantly, as this wonderful thing just happened. I love Chinese food, well whatever version of Chinese food I’ve eaten so far. And since I moved to the city I’ve seen a gazillion sushi places but didn’t find a Chinese place. I looked online and they all seemed so far away. Every movie (almost every movie) that I have seen about New York has a Chinese delivery place so I imagined there would be at least one per block, if not more. For some reason I just hadn’t explored my own neighbourhood (homework, nasty weather or sheer laziness I don’t know) and then today getting back from the post office (who uses that anymore?) I saw a Chinese place, a block from where I live and it was just what it should be, affordable, close and serving yumminess. So, I think only in New York, are you never too far away from the things you want if you just look around. Now that’s what I call instant gratification.