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Whenever I have guests in the city, I feel like they expect to eat at small, cute cafés and restaurants that are found on side streets and are just the kind of places you see people dine at on TV and movies. Well, being an unpaid intern going to grad school, I do not have the cashflow to eat at such places so I usually opt for my favorite Philly bar, Shorty’s, or a faithful chain such as Dallas BBQ, Chipotle, and of course one of the million Pret a Manger’s located around the city.

So when I got the email alerting me of NYC’s Restaurant Week during July 22 – August 16 I jumped at the chance to eat at one of the swanky restaurants I’ve always walked past but never entered. For those of you who don’t know what this Should-Be National-Holi-week entails, Restaurant Week occurs in numerous cities and gives the public a chance to eat at expensive restaurants for a much lower price. A three-course lunch comes at the flat rate of $25 while a five-course dinner costs $38. Customers make their selections from a special Restaurant Week menu that usually has 3-5 choices for each appetizer, entrée, and of course dessert.

My friend and I love seafood and were looking for a place in SoHo. NYCGo’s handy dandy restaurant generator listed only one place in SoHo with seafood and a lunch menu: Lure Fishbar. It was meant to be. The website allowed us to make reservations right there and now all we had to do was wait three weeks for our special lunch.

Sitting down at Lure we checked out the regular menu and while their prices weren’t the most exorbitant I’ve seen in the city, I certainly appreciated the opportunity to have three courses for the price of one of their lunch entrées. I ordered the freshly shucked oysters, salmon with an almond pesto, and a chocolate cake. I’ve always thought you could gauge how fancy a restaurant and how good the food is by how quickly they refill your water glass. Using this system and the fact that my water glass never got to be more than half empty, I was getting pretty excited for my food. And rightfully so. Everything was delicious but nothing prepared my friend and me for our dessert. Chocolate cake with caramel ice cream and caramel popcorn. It’s safe to say I will never be able to eat cake and/or ice cream without popcorn ever again.

And what blog post about food would be complete without some photos? The fact that there is a missing oyster and my salmon is missing a few bites is testament to both how good the food was and how impatient and horrible I am at being a food blogger.

FRESH SHUCKED OYSTERS Half Dozen East Coast, Dipping Sauces
Half Dozen East Coast, Dipping Sauces

Leeks, Fingerling Potatoes, Chanterelles, Mustard Beurre Blanc
*I am not a fan of mustard in any form so I asked for the almond pesto instead. The waiter tried to dissuade me from this culinary sin, so I’m guessing the Mustard Beurre Blanc is excellent if mustard doesn’t make you immediately gag.*

Caramel Popcorn, Salted Caramel Ice Cream