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10. Third in line on the subway seat chain (behind elderly and pregnant women).

9. Possibly second if you’re pregnant.

8. Easy ego boost walking outside (skirt not necessary, a nice pair of jeans will do).

7. Discounts from creepy men at bodegas.

6. Free breakfasts from powerful, creepy men at bodegas.

5. Free drinks.

4. You can be bitchy for no reason and just casually ask for a tampon and it is acceptable.

3. You can also do this numerous times when most men are involved because they are unable to comprehend a menstrual cycle.

2. We get to hold purses and keep whatever shit we’d like in there. I always have some snacks on hand because I don’t have to worry about them getting melted (they’re usually chocolate based) in my men’s pants pockets. I don’t normally wear men’s pants so this is highly unlikely to happen, but I learned from the days of my Catholic High School Days…don’t ask.

1. Immune from paying for first dates and lifting anything heavier than our chocolate-filled purses.