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Last week, NYC suffered through a heatwave along with the rest of the country. As someone who complained all winter long about the snow, the ice and the cold, summer has been nothing but a welcome friend. The humidity, on the other hand, is like a stranger’s breath in your face on a crowded subway: totally unnecessary and never welcomed. Ever.

After a full week of the oppressive, humid heat, I decided that there are some things that you simply must do when it’s that gross outside.

1. Eat ice cream, fro yo, or some variation of these. The calories don’t count when it’s 100 degrees. And if you insist on counting calories, don’t worry, it’s so hot you’ll sweat it out very quickly. Take advantage of those ice cream trucks.

2. Avoid outside exercise — unless it involves running after an ice cream truck and/or eating ice cream as quickly as possible to avoid a melting situation. (You may also reasonably use the heat as an excuse to avoid all physical activity and not feel bad about it. I hereby give you permission to do so.)

3. Visit a museum. Any air conditioned establishment will do. Last Friday in the near-100-degree heat, I went to MoMA — along with thousands of others who also thought this would be a great idea. If you’re visiting the city, check out MoMA’s free Friday hours.

4. Go swimming at the beach. You don’t have to trek very far for a refreshing swim. There’s Long Beach, Brighton Beach, Coney Island Beach, Manhattan Beach, Jones Beach, and Rockaway Beach, just to name a few.

5. Complain about the heat, how much you sweat every time you step outside, and repeatedly say you wish it were cooler. Don’t worry, winter will be here soon enough and you’ll once again be wishing for the heat.