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So, this year, actually this summer, I have vowed to go and try as many culinary hotspots as I can (time and budget permitting), in the city that is known to have every or almost every cuisine available on the planet. Let’s start with sushi. I have previously sampled sushi with people in the know, without making an effort to figure out what really goes into it and if I had to order something alone, I would probably order something that is made solely of wasabi and end up burning my taste-buds with all the spice.

Well, maybe not entirely of wasabi but you get the point. So with my seasoned sushi eaters, my older brother and my local older brother, we set out to Haru’s UWS (Upper West Side) restaurant (there are many all over the city).

We ordered sushi, sashimi, spicy tenderloin and various sushi rolls- with a detailed explanation of the ingredients, I tried everything and can now happily report that I am, like many before me, a sushi addict. The flavours were delectable and the presentation was, as most Japanese things are, impeccable. Next time I will learn how to choose sake. Stay tuned.

supriya sushi