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I grew up in Connecticut and New York City was always a just a quick ride on the Metro-North away. The city, as it’s referred to by anyone in the tri-state, was a perpetual option. “What do you want to do,” someone would ask, “I dunno, want to go to the city?” was always my response. It was exciting to walk out of Grand Central with every possibility in front of you.

So though I’ve been here countless times, I thought that finally living here would be a totally, earth shattering, soul defining experience. Well, it kind of hasn’t been.

That sounded really dour. Don’t get me wrong, I love living here.  My apartment is amazing, I’ve met fantastic people who like to drink as much as I do, I have a great job and even graduate classes aren’t that awful (well at least most of the time).  All the movies and TV shows always talk about how in New York you can do a million things in a day. It’s the city that never sleeps. Two days are never the same in the city. Well, my days always seem to be the same.

Wake up, shower, get dressed, coffee, subway, work, coffee, lunch, work, coffee, subway, night class, subway, television, sleep. Repeat.

No one ever talks about how when you live here, you still fall into the rut of daily life.  It happens, there’s no way to avoid it, unless of course you want to shirk any and all responsibilities of being an adult. I think even though, for me, New York lost the magnificent grandeur that most people have for the city the first time they arrive, I’ve been holding on to the idea that my days shouldn’t be filled with those everyday experiences. Isn’t that a crazy notion? New York is just a city, albeit one of the greatest cities in the world, so why wouldn’t I expect to live a normal life doing normal things here?

Now I’m not saying that those magical, only-in-New York-or-the-movies-could-this-happen-to-me experiences don’t happen. But maybe, just maybe, part of being a New Yorker is knowing that you have to do the mundane everyday things and when those earth shattering, soul defining moments do occur you know you’ll never be the same.