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Some days in NYC it is difficult to find inspiration, especially in the summer’s sticky heat. But even on the roughest of days, the lights in NYC are always inspiring.

There’s the changing LED lights on the Empire State Building. The beautiful skyline glowing “welcome” or “goodnight” depending on which direction you’re heading (to or from Manhattan). The holiday decorations in the winter and, of course, fireworks in the summer.

IMAG0594Last week was my first fourth of July in NYC and I was determined to go see the Macy’s fireworks. They were not as epic as they appear on tv, but they were certainly inspiring.

There are a variety of options to watch the fireworks if you don’t want to brave the crowds in the main area (between W 22-55 Sts. when they’re on the Hudson) including rooftop barscruises, and other areas along the water.  IMAG0596

This year we were by the Hudson around 70-80 St., a bit away from the main crowds. It was a great area on a boardwalk that didn’t require staking out for hours, which was wonderful. Our view was surprisingly good and we even heard the live music from someone’s radio nearby.

IMAG0598If you missed the fireworks or just want to see more, Coney Island has fireworks every Friday night and a few Saturdays for the rest of the summer!