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When I moved to the big city, the stars in my eyes were replaced by the bright lights of Times Square. Overwhelmed and totally at sea, all I wanted to do was go back to London. Mostly I still do, but the trick to New York, I think, is, forget everything you’ve ever seen or heard about it and let the city show itself to you. When you discover what the city actually is, rather than what it’s supposed to be, the fun begins. It’s probably true of any new place, but with New York, a city that is known to you before you ever lay eyes on it, via the hundreds of mediums, it’s a unique experience altogether. So, here’s what I currently love about NYC (New Yum City):

1. Shake Shack- the burger that should never end, the fries that are oh so good, and the half lemonade half ice tea drink named after a person. What makes them even nicer is they have a menu for vegetarians and your doggie, need I say more?

2. $10 Manicures- I have this unhealthy love for manis and pedis, and the fact that being a student and you can still indulge in these without breaking your wallet, is something I’m guessing is unique to NYC.

3. The Empire State building’s changing colors- Going home from Midtown at night is special, because at any point you can see the lights of the very tall Empire State building and the colors change every day, a beacon in the craziness that is the Big Apple.