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Hello. My name is Tabby and I am addicted to television. Specifically HBO programming. The only problem: I cannot afford it. First you have to get a TV, then cable and a cable box and then, finally, you can buy HBO. Ummm…not in my budget, not if I want to afford having a place to put said TV and cable box.

So how do I get my HBO fix?

I go to Professor Thom’s on the lower east side… What were you thinking?

Professor Thom’s has good food, good drinks and, most importantly, a subscription to HBO. There are televisions at individual tables and the crowd is respectful of television culture. It has been rumored celebrity sightings have occurred in the bar as well. So if you are like me and in desperate need of an HBO fix, go to Professor Thom’s. And get the sweet potato fries. They are delicious.

**Words of Warning: Ohio State fans, it is a Michigan bar. Also, it supports Boston sport teams**