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I happen to be visiting Louisiana the week we decided to launch the blog.

Really, though, it was time. For me to come to Louisiana and for the blog to go live.

If you’ve ever encountered south Louisiana, you may have heard that they call us a whole different country, like Texas. We call it Cajun country. This means that we are very distinct in the way we view ourselves which affects the way I see and experience New York City. I can constantly say, “In Louisiana we do it like this.”

For example, if you sneeze on the subway or anywhere in NYC, you may hear one “Bless you!” and hell might have frozen over if it’s a “God bless you.” Well, while checking out at Walmart (something you won’t find in the city) in Louisiana I sneezed and was bombarded by 4 “God bless yous” in addition to the one from my mother. I can’t say either experience is better than the other, it’s just a noticeable distinction.

I once made a list of all the things from home that I couldn’t get in the city and realized that everything aside from my family members could probably be found somewhere in the city (I have located the crawfish). I guess the lesson is that I should stop comparing. I adore the city and the opportunities it’s given me. I would have never encountered so many cultures and dynamic personalities in the same place if I were in my routine back home. And while I’m not sure if or when I will move back “home, home,” I can never stay away for too long. If nothing else, I have to reacquaint myself with saying “y’all” instead of “you guys.”