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The idea for this blog came about in a late night conversation after class last fall: we loved the idea of blogging but our busy schedules didn’t allow for the time to create new posts daily. But how awesome would it be to have a blog with several people contributing different viewpoints and experiences?! Over the next few months, the idea kept returning to us until we could no longer ignore it. We have been running a marathon to get to where we are today, our launch day.

In trying to figure out what to name our first post, we imagined the moment when a champagne bottle is thrown at a boat as it enters the water. So we searched synonyms for launch. Our options varied: barrage, bombard, catapult, fire, fling, pitch, propel, shoot, sling, throw, toss. And even though this blog has been six months (plus) in the making, it does feel a little like a toss.

Into the City aims to capture the essence and influence of New York City by sharing the experiences and observations of our contributors. We are thrilled to bring you a collaborative, multi-authored blog, writing to you as newcomers to New York City, each exploring our present and future in light of our varied pasts. Our bloggers come from across the country, in addition to a few world travelers. In the spirit of collaboration, we are just as excited to hear your comments as we are to share our own stories. Look for new posts every morning Monday through Thursday!